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Nevada Elections

Col. Mark Robertson, (R), running for Nevada Congressional District 3.
Listen to this man. If you like what he has to say, share this announcement with your friends.
We need more people like him in our elected offices.

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Don't miss the Epic Dam River Challenge!!!

More details and how to participate......

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 Regularly Scheduled Events

 Las Vegas Tea Party is reaching out to the community on a regular basis to connect with Americans. We are still here, still active, and want to help YOU be involved.

This is NOT your grandpa's Tea Party!

Want to participate?
Just show up!
ALL are welcome!
Signs and materials are available!

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 The Tea Party Is World Wide!!

The desire for freedom is inherent in all human beings.  The spark of liberty that was struck in America by our founders, and again in 2009,

has lit a fire of freedom around the world.  Visit these sites and see for yourself what the Tea Party has accomplished.


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LVTP's View on:


Host A Town Hall Meeting
We'll Help!
1 - Find your district (here)
2 - Contact your representatives (ALL of them)
3 - Find a Venue (Library, restaurant, your living room)
It doesn't have to be fancy!
Be first on the front lines in the fight for freedom! 

Show your representatives that you are here, paying attention, taking action.

LVTP will assist you in the planning, promotion, and execution!
Email with "TOWNHALL" in the subject line
Call Karen (702) 238-5134 DIRECTLY, for assistance.
If we ARE going to take our country back, it will take all of us, working together!!!

 Las Vegas Tea Party works very closely with the following organizations, and highly recommends everyone get involved with and connect to them .

Get involved and help LVTP keep an eye on our elected representatives!!
Download these forms, attend meetings and hearings, rate the representatives, and publish your findings!!!
LVTP Judiciary Eval.doc LVTP Judiciary Eval.doc
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LVTP Clark County Eval.doc LVTP Clark County Eval.doc
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LVTP City Council Eval.doc LVTP City Council Eval.doc
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Shadow A Judge School~Parental Form PDF.pdf Shadow A Judge School~Parental Form PDF.pdf
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Contact Your Representatives
Let them know what's on YOUR mind, on all matters, any time, regardless of district.
That's what they are there for.
Make sure YOUR voice is heard.
If they aren't listneing to you, to whom will they be listening?

Find Your District and State Senate/Assembly/Congressional/Regional Representatives

Email addresses of all current Nevada State Legislators. Write to them, often, and give your opinion on all matters, regardless of district. They DO listen. 

Share your opinion with our State representatives. They DO listen!!

This form is incredibly easy, and only takes a minute to complete and have your voice heard. It's faster than a phone call!!!


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