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What is the Tea Party?

The Tea Party is an ideal of freedom that was inspired by the original Boston Tea Party. There is no central leadership. It is a loose affiliation of grassroots organizations and individuals. Every-day Americans, frustrated with our governments increasingly blatant disregard for the will of “We The People”, and a common desire to preserve the foundational principles of the United States of America, have spontaneously united to defend our liberties.

Who is the Tea Party?

Members of the Tea Party are all around you. Many groups use the name “Tea Party“. “We The People” are the Tea Party. Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Constitutionalists, Conservatives, Liberals, Small business owners, Laborers, all races, all religions, and non religions. Americans. Any group or individual, who loves the United States of America and participates in defending our freedom, is part of the Tea Party. We are Patriots. We are not one group. We are all groups, united.

What does the Tea Party do?

Members obtain and share vast amounts of information on all subjects political; candidates, bills, petitions, national and local events. They attend political meetings, conduct petition drives, help educate each other, organize rallies on key dates, track politicians and current legislation. Working within the established system to further better our country, and improve the system. The Tea Party endorses policies, not candidates.

What can I do?

The political process is not perfect, but it can’t be improved if we don’t do anything. It is not yet irreparable. We The People have the power to control the direction of our country. Only if we get involved and act. Yes, this requires effort, time, and money. Sitting back and complaining will never get anything done. Contact any or all of the affiliated organizations. Ask them for help. Join social networks. Volunteer. Participate. Educate yourself. Sign petitions. Become a member of your local political organization. Research your local politicians. Use the internet. The tools are there! Vote! Vote! Vote! We are here to help each other keep our nation great!!


Origins of the modern

Tea Party Movement


There are alot of theories about our origins. Ron Paul often claims to be the "grandfather of the Tea Party". In 2007, Ron Paul, did in fact, organize a "Tea Party" to imitate the 1773 Boston Tea Party. However, that event was in no way tied to what we now know to be the modern Tea Party movement. Many believe "Taxed Enough Already" was the original meaning. Even that came later.

Here are the facts:

The Tea Party is a non-partisan, non-profit, peaceful, law-abiding, loose affiliation of grass-roots political organizations that evolved over a short time. The foundational principles are, among others, limited government, fiscal responsibility, and free markets. In January 2009, a stock trader by the name of Graham Makohoniuk, posted an informal message on the internet forum "" that invited traders to mail tea-bags to every member of the United States Congress in protest for those who voted for the "bail-out" stimulus bill. He was replicating a tactic used by the Libertarian Party in 1973. Forum moderator Stephanie Jasky, whose group led other protests, loved the teabag idea. She then extended a formal invitation to the entire forum to stage a "commemorative tea party", modeled after the anti-tax protest of the famous 1773 Boston Tea Party. They all agreed to send their teabags in a coordinated effort on February 1, 2009. The founder of, Karl Denninger, was a guest on Glenn Beck, and CNBC Reports, and relayed the idea during his interview. This is why so many believe Glenn Beck to be the originator.

The idea began to spread amongst conservatives. Dave Ramsey of Fox News affiliation, waved teabags on Fox and Friends on February 11, saying, "It's time for a Tea Party." The word spread, and protests were organized independently all over the US, urging people to convene and bring signs and teabags when posting their tax returns at their local post offices.

On February 19, 2009, CNBC Business News Network editor, Rick Santelli, criticized the government, and famously ranted about a "Chicago Tea Party in July". By the next day, guests on Fox News had already begun to mention this new "Tea Party", and roughly 50 national conservative leaders participated in a conference call that gave birth to the national Tea Party movement. Several early groups assigned the acronym "Taxed Enough Already" to the Tea Party name.

There are currently many groups who use the "Tea Party" name, but there is no central organization or ownership. Many groups claim to be the originators of "Tea Party" protests, from Florida to Seattle. Not all of these groups are legitimate. Many groups have taken advantage of the movement for their own gain. Many opposing groups have posed as Tea Party members and committed deplorable acts at rallies, to deliberately discredit the Tea Party.

No single individual can, nor should, claim ownership of, or to represent, the entire Tea Party movement. This movement is larger than any single person. Anybody can start a Tea Party organization and every organization must retain the freedom to operate as they see fit. What is certain, is "We The People" are no longer accepting the way government is running our country, and finally ready to stand up and take it back. It is also certain that any negative behavior witnessed at any Tea Party event cannot be attributed to a true Tea Party member.

Many of the big national tea party groups are phenomenal in the amount of legislative tools they provide, but they are also VERY political. Almost as political as the politicians they claim to be fighting. The smaller, independent Tea Parties are very helpful and patriotic to all comers, regardless of party affiliation, race, creed, gender, religion, national origin, or sexual orientation, despite some rumors to the contrary. The Tea Party is NOT Tea Party Express, Sarah Palin, racist, terrorist, bigoted, or ignorant. The Tea Party is "We The People".

This movement has been accomplished mostly by word of mouth, and without organization. Polls show that 4 in 10 Americans identify with or support the Tea Party movement. Look what we have accomplished so far!! Imagine what we could do if everyone stood up, and we actually became organized!!!



Effectiveness of the Tea Party

The people who hold political offices quickly get accustomed to the power that office brings them, and will play whatever political game they need to, in order to hold on to that glory. The worst part of our political system is that freedom applies to the good, and the bad.

We can weed out the bad, but the good need to be vigilant.All my life, I have heard people say "there's nothing I can do", "I won't make a difference", "I voted, that's all I can do", "I'm too busy". There might have been a time when that was true, but a miracle has happened within the United States of America in the last 3 years..."We The People" have begun to stand up, speak out, unite, and fight for the freedoms and rights that were given to us by God, and documented by our Founding Fathers in our Declaration of Independence, and our
United States Constitution.

If you still think there is nothing you can do, or think you don't count, check out these facts that the media will never tell you about:

  • During the 2010 Election cycle, Republicans added more than 720 legislative seats to their column.
  • 20 State legislatures were outright turned over from Democrat majority to Republican majority
    Oregon State legislature was tied
  • A Louisiana House Democrat turned Republican, making the majority Republican
  • There are now more Republican state legislators (3,941) than at any point since they held 4,001 seats after the 1928 election.
  • Republicans almost completely reversed their standing in 98 partisan State legislative chambers. Prior to the election, Democrats dominated, 60-36, with Alaska Senate and Montana House tied. By January 2010, Republicans control 57 chambers, Democrats 39, with Alaska Senate and the Oregon House tied.
  • After the elections, Republicans took control of the entire legislature in 25 States. Democrats control both houses of 16 legislatures, with eight states facing divided. The last time Republicans controlled this many legislatures was after the 1952 election, when they had 26.
  • There are 108 new members of Congress. 35 of them have never held an elected office before. They are commonly thought to be supported by the "Tea Party". The recent "debt limit" bill that was passed was not the success many media outlets will tell you it was. But the miracle that did happen you are not hearing about, is the new "Tea Party" members of Congress stood their ground against the crushing pressure of veteran politicians, and fended off crippling tax hikes that were being demanded by the Democratic leadership. 32 "Tea Party" freshman Congressman refused to buckle, and stood up for YOUR rights. They understood what it means to represent “We The People”, and were committed to doing that. Regrettably, the debt limit was raised, and not enough cuts were made, but destructive taxes were held at bay. The most important thing that happened, is "We The People" became an official force to be reckoned with, and elected officials finally started to listen to us.



In less than 400 years, The United States of America arose from non-existence, to the most economically, militarily, educationally, and technologically advanced nation on the face of the earth to EVER exist. Even the most poor in America enjoy a better life-style than some average third world country citizens. The system under which this took place was, among other things, republican capitalism.






This is NOT a "pro-Republican" movement.

But think about these other facts:



California has been credited with being either the 3rd, 5th, or 7th largest economy in the world, depending upon which study you accept. ALL BY ITS SELF, California has a bigger economy than most countries. California is also decidedly liberal progressive communist Democrat in the political policies of its State government. THE GOVERNMENT OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA HAS BEEN MISERABLY FAILING ITS CITIZENS FOR DECADES, AND CONTINUES TO GET WORSE, UNDER ADMITTEDLY LIBERAL-PROGRESSIVE-COMMUNIST-DEMOCRATIC LEADERSHIP. There is NO reason why the State of California should be so financially distressed. It has some of the richest natural resources in the world. California's laws continually get more and more invasive and oppressive, and many people there are not even aware of this absurdity. Many hard-working California citizens are blindly giving their livelihoods over to the government, who is re-distributing most of it among alien invaders who contribute nothing. Good-meaning citizens giving their lives and State away, without even noticing. In all of human history, socialism has never succeeded.




These results have nothing to do with Democrat or Republican. They are just facts. "We The People" made this happen. You won't hear about it on the news or from politicians because they have a vested interest in our remaining uninformed and uninvolved. It doesn't matter who sits in which political seat, elected officials on all levels are beholden to us. This country belongs to you and me, not the United States Government. The "Silent Majority" are no longer going to accept how our government continues to blatantly disregard the will of "We The People". We are finally getting up off the couch, putting down the remote, and taking pride in, and responsibility for, our communities and our country. WE voted, WE spoke out, and WE made a difference. If that's not a revolution, tell me what is? And it was ALL accomplished by "We The People", mostly of Tea Party influence. But it is only half of a revolution. We can't afford to become apathetic and negligent of our freedoms ever again. We must carry this wave forward to the 2012 elections and finish cleaning house.


None of the existing political parties are absolved of culpability. All are equally responsible for the deepening crises our country continues to face. But, "We The People" are just as culpable, and we ALL need to face up to our responsibilities. The political decisions we all make, or don't make, have a DIRECT affect on our friends, family, and neighbors. We have a DUTY to act, and to act responsibly. Voting is important, but it's only a small part of our responsibilities. Voting is only worthy of the act, if the person casting a vote is knowledgeable about the candidate for whom the vote is being cast.




The internet is an incredible tool, there is almost no knowledge beyond our reach. Very little effort is needed to become involved and active in the legislative process these days. In fact, there are so many groups out there now, doing all the leg work, many legislative actions are now only a click away on the computer. If you are technologically challenged, help is only a phone-call away. There are numerous ways to contact your local groups. They are more than eager to do all they can to help you educate yourselves about the issues and the processes, and take control of your family's future. Whatever you do, DO NOT RELY ON POLITICIANS OR ANY MEDIA SOURCES FOR FACTS. The media has a vested interest in everything from politics to ratings, and politicians want to stay in office. They play on our emotions, tell half truths, and deliberately keep facts from us. Question everything you hear on TV, and check the facts with many sources. Get both sides of a story, even the side you don't agree with, because there is probably some truth there, too.


There are some very scary things going on right now in our country.  Our Constitution is being completely ignored, and laws are blatantly being dismissed, by the very people who are charged with keeping and defending both. Make no mistake, we ARE on the verge of losing our freedoms. We don't always agree on all issues, but we agree we love freedom. We are all on the same side. We have to stop allowing the media and politicians create words and ideologies that they use to divide us. Once we get past all the labels that are thrown at us, we will see we have more in common than not. That's what we need to focus on. We are here today to help each other, to stand side by side, shoulder to shoulder, defending our freedom, together.

If you remember nothing else, remember this...we will only be FREE if we have LESS GOVERNMENT and LESS TAXES, regardless of which party you prefer. If we lose our freedom, it is because WE THE PEOPLE let it happen.