Tea Party Rally

Hello Folks;
Tea Party Express is coming to Las Vegas and has invited us to join in their rally. We are in turn, of course, extending this invitation to every patriot within email distance. I know there are some of you who feel some of the national organizations like Tea Party Express, and others, are not conducting their organizations in an acceptable manner. I understand your concerns and feelings on the matter, but I can tell you, I have spoken to Amy Kremer personally, and I feel she is just as concerned as the rest of us are, and is doing what she feels is necessary to for our country.
I hope you can all come out to join in the rally. I'm sure it will be a blast!! There will be petitions to sign, candidates to meet, and other patriots to rally with!!!!!
The bus is scheduled to be here on September 30th.

Sunday, September 30th
1:00 – 2:30 PM

Rally Location:
Ricardo’s Mexican Restaurant
4930 West Flamingo Road
Las Vegas, NV 89103

You may RSVP here if you like, though it's not necessary.
Don't forget you signs!!!!!
Let's show the country we are still here!! Make this the biggest rally Las Vegas, Nevada, and the rest of the country has seen!!!
See you all there!!!!