VIP Candidate Endorsement Mixer

PRESS RELEASE: VIPI Candidate Endorsement Mixer
Contact: Karen Steelmon
Veterans In Politics, International, Inc.
Civilian Auxiliary Director
Events Coordinator
Veterans In Politics International presents our 2012 Candidate Endorsement Mixer.
All political candidates whom have been endorsed by Veterans In Politics, International are invited to attend this event.
All other candidates who are running for office in Nevada, 2012, are encouraged to purchase tickets to attend this Mixer to meet the public.
All candidates may distrubute this information freely.
This is rare opportunity for the public to meet the candidates face to face, and learn more about those running for office. Learn for yourself who might represent you in Nevada. Discuss issues with the candidates, and make an informed decision at the voting booth this year.
The management at The Blue Fire BBQ have created special meal and drink specials exclusively for our event.
Alex Christopher will make a special appearance and keep the evening entertaining for us.
This event will be held at:
The Blue Fire BBQ
4275 South Durango Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89147
(702) 462-5400
May 26, 6-9PM
Tickets are $15 in advance, or $20 at the door.
Call 702.238.5134 or 702.283.8088 for tickets.

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Karen Steelmon
Veterans In Politics International, Inc.
Civilian Auxiliary Director
Events Coordinator
To keep those who fought for our country’s freedoms involved in its political direction.
Veterans In Politics, International, Inc. founded 1993.