Petition Delivery
Meeting at Senator Heller's Office
Hosted by Diane Burnette of True the Vote
Friday, June 21, 4PM to 5PM
  • 4:00pm until 5:00pm
  • Senator Heller's Office 8930 W. Sunset Rd Ste 220 Las Vegas
  • Bring your letter of protest against the immigration bill.
    Just print it out (, sign it and bring it to put on his desk.
    Senator Heller:

    We need immigration reform, but the American people deserve better than a 1,000-page bill that makes our immigration system more complex and less accountable without truly ensuring border security. Americans expect their government to end the lawlessness, not surrender to it.

    I oppose the Senate Gang of Eight's amnesty proposal to legalize millions of illegal immigrants in a time of budget deficit crisis and high unemployment.

    Combined with current laws, the legalization would be a pathway to massive new welfare expenditures, job competition, chain migration and more illegal immigration.

    1. It would cost trillions of dollars in extra government spending on social services (total cost estimates – $6.38 trillion).

    2. It would immediately put millions of illegal aliens in front of the employment line to hold or take U.S. jobs while 20 million Americans who want a full-time job can't find one. It is so awful to give our jobs away overseas; it quite another thing when we give our jobs away here at home to illegals.

    3. It would allow amnestied aliens to begin endless chains of relatives to come and add further competition for jobs and government resources.

    4. It would immediately legalize 11 million illegal aliens without requiring triggers that fully implement enforcement first. The previous seven amnesties between 1986 and 2000 had no enforcement triggers and served only to entice 11 million new illegal immigrants who now demand their own amnesty.

    5. The proposal does not detail how those illegal immigrants without income documentation could determine their back tax liability. Rather, it still leaves that determination wholly up to the discretion of the Treasury Secretary. It could also be interpreted as giving the Treasury Secretary the ability to negotiate with illegal immigrants to relieve them of some or even all of their tax burdens instead of ensuring that they pay their income and payroll tax liability, including interest and penalties, in full.

    6. While many undocumented workers operate off the books and do not pay taxes, a Heritage Foundation study estimates that 55 percent of undocumented workers are already contributing to Social Security. These undocumented workers are currently not entitled to any benefits based on the taxes they pay, but if they become legal through amnesty, they will be eligible for future benefits. Thus, a majority of the undocumented workers who would be made legal through the proposed bill would be pure liabilities to the Social Security system; they would pay little, if anything, more in taxes than they otherwise would, but they would be eligible for full Social Security benefits.

    Congress ought to proceed, piece-by-piece, to secure the nation’s borders, ensure the full enforcement of workplace laws that are already on the books, and reform America’s broken immigration system to welcome those who wish to come to America lawfully and can contribute to the economy while not burdening taxpayers.

    I will work hard to elect someone else as Senator in 2016 if you do not concern yourself with your constituents’ wishes...after all; it is "We the People" who elected you!


    An American Citizen
    A Concerned Nevadan