Las Vegas Tea Party

Effectiveness of the Tea Party

The people who hold political offices quickly get accustomed to the power that office brings them, and will play whatever political game they need to, in order to hold on to that glory. The worst part of our political system is that freedom applies to the good, and the bad. We can weed out the bad, but the good need to be vigilant.

All my life, I have heard people say "there's nothing I can do", "I won't make a difference", "I voted, that's all I can do", "I'm too busy". There might have been a time when that was true, but a miracle has happened within the United States of America since 2009..."We The People" have begun to stand up, speak out, unite, and fight for the freedoms and rights that were given to us by God, then documented and guaranteed by our Founding Fathers in our Declaration of Independence, and our United States Constitution.

If you still think there is nothing you can do, or think you don't count, check out these facts that the media will never tell you about:


•During the 2010 Election cycle, Republicans added more than 720 legislative seats to their column.

•20 State legislatures were outright turned over from Democrat majority to Republican majority

•Oregon State legislature was tied.

•A Louisiana House Democrat turned Republican, making the majority Republican.

•After the 2010 election cycle, there were more Republican state legislators (3,941) than at any point since they held 4,001 seats after the 1928 election.

•Republicans almost completely reversed their standing in 98 partisan State legislative chambers. Prior to the election, Democrats dominated, 60-36, with Alaska Senate and Montana House tied. By January 2010, Republicans control 57 chambers, Democrats 39.

•After the elections, Republicans took control of the entire legislature in 25 States. Democrats control both houses of 16 legislatures, with eight states facing division. The last time Republicans controlled this many legislatures was after the 1952 election, when they had 26.

•There were 108 new members of Congress. 35 of them had never held an elected office before. They were commonly thought to be supported by the "Tea Party". The "debt limit" bill that was passed was not the success many media outlets will tell you it was. But the miracle that did happen you are not hearing about, is the new "Tea Party" members of Congress stood their ground against the crushing pressure of veteran politicians, and fended off crippling tax hikes that were being demanded by the Democratic leadership. 32 "Tea Party" freshman Congressman refused to buckle, and stood up for YOUR rights. They understood what it meant to represent “We The People”, and were committed to doing that. Regrettably, the debt limit was raised, and not enough cuts were made, but destructive taxes were held at bay. The most important thing that happened, is "We The People" became an official force to be reckoned with, and elected officials finally started to listen to us. 

What is important here is NOT that party control switched from Democrat to Republican. What IS important, is that people got involved, and MADE A CHANGE. Yes, YOU DO make a difference!! Yes, WHAT YOU SAY AND DO MATTERS!!!!

In less than 400 years, The United States of America arose from absolute non-existence, to the most economically, militarily, educationally, and technologically advanced nation on the face of the earth to EVER exist. Even the most poor in America enjoy a better life-style than some average third world country citizens. The system under which this took place was, among other things, republican capitalism.