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What is it?  How is it different from the Tea Party? 


I was invited to attend a rally by Mr. Robert Kern, Esq. ( ) that was being held on December 19, 2011, noon.  After I arrived at the rally, and realized Mr. Kern was an organizer with Occupy Las Vegas, which is affiliated with Occupy Wall Street, I was angry.  Mr. Kern did not disclose in his email that he was an organizer for OLV, and in it he'd also stated that "several organizations are getting together" to unite in this protest.  I found out upon arrival that the "other organizations" Mr. Kern had refered to are the local 911 "truthers" organization, mostly led by Mr. Bob Stansel, and the Ron Paul campaign representative, Mr. Robert Walker.  Political activists in Las Vegas have been fighting for rights for a long time, and we all know each other fairly well.  At least well enough to recognize each other at rallies.  Both Mr. Walker and I agreed that had we known this was an "occupy" rally, we would not have come.  Mr. Stansel will attend anything that creates a gathering, he has little regard for the purpose of others, and will use anybody and anything to further his own agenda...much like our politicians.

After my initial anger, I decided it was a perfect opportunity to see up close, for myself, what Occupy is all about, and ask it's members directly.  What I discovered, is that these people have no idea what "occupy" is about, or why they are there.  They don't know its history, origins, or the principles of the movement with which they are aligning themselves.  Even Mr. Kerns, whom I really expected to be a bit more educated due to his status as a trained attorney, was ignorant of many of the facts surrounding "occupy" and even the founding principles of American politics.

As is often the case, people are ignorant of facts, and blindly follow and adopt new "fads" they have been told are beneficial.  That is what I find with the "occupy" movement.  Most of these people align themselves with this movement because they hate the Tea Party, and they hate the Tea Party because they have been told it's a "republican" or "conservative" organization.  They know nothing about what the Tea Party really is, or what "occupy" really is.  At this time, it's impossible to state the origins of the "occupy" movement, because the "official" statements on the Occupy Wall Street websites have evovled and changed with the movement.  Now, basically, it is what they say it is, at any given moment.  The Tea Party has remained unchanged from the start.

The "occupy" development is not a "movement" in the socio-political is a disruptive, anti-capitalist, anti-republican, anti-American, socialist scheme hatched by Stephen Lerner, and a handful of others, who are bent on causing mayhem, and they have preyed upon the naive, ignorant, young dis-enfranchised feeling, entitlement seekers to help them do it.

I will, however, make one point...I was the only Tea Party member who showed up to this rally to protest the NDAA.  Say what you will about "Occupy", but they showed up, and stood up.

Enough with the dissertation.  Below are the interviews.  Decide for yourself.



Can you tell the difference?

I hesitate to write anything on the LVTP website about this group of protestors. I don't want to lend them any credence or legitimacy that they don't deserve. However, so many concerned citizens have asked me about what the OWS protest is, and the LVTP position on the movement, I felt it is time to make a statement. OWS has gotten sufficient sympathetic and false attention from the main stream media, and are being reported by some as "like the Tea Party", the truth should be told somewhere. So I will do my best.


Here is an article I wrote on the subject in August, 2011.  Many of us in the Tea Party saw this coming. We tried to warn people. 


Global Agenda 21…even if it’s called Democracy, Freedom, or Protesting
Aug 21, 2011 by

Everyone should be aware of these groups. On the surface, Day Of Rage and others seems benevolent, and in fact almost Tea Party-ish. While many of these groups protest against their oppressive governments and fight for more freedom, they are at the same time pushing an oppressive global agenda of their own that vows to erase borders, religions, and individualism, and redistribute wealth.

Here are the stated goals of just one of their affiliates:

“A large majority of the American people consistently support the following agenda:

  • Tax the rich and corporations
  • End the wars, bring the troops home, cut military spending
  • Protect the social safety net, strengthen Social Security and improved Medicare for all
  • End corporate welfare for oil companies and other big business interests
  • Transition to a clean energy economy, reverse environmental degradation
  • Protect worker rights including collective bargaining, create jobs and raise wages
  • Get money out of politics

The government, dominated by elite economic interests, is going in the opposite direction from what the people want. The American people’s agenda is our agenda.”

Familiarize yourself with who they are and what they do, so when you see them, you don’t get taken by surprise. Initially, the group “Anonymous” seemed to be stepping up and fighting oppression. But it has turned in to what most social groups turn in to…a tyrannical, dictatorial, regal, unilateral judge for the world who has sole discretion to decide who is right or wrong, who will be punished, and to what extent. (also called “Stop The Machine, Create A New World)

Keep vigilant and educated. These are our most effective defenses against social engineering Agenda 21.

Karen Steelmon

US Tea Party United, LLC

What I failed to point out in the above article, because it is obvious to the audience it was written for, is that this OWS protest is part of Agenda 21, and that this statement is false: "A large majority of the American people consistently support the following agenda".  Show me the statistics to back this up. I don't support this agenda.  Each of the topics listed on this agenda would require a massive tome of explanations, so I won't take up your time here. 

The OWS crowd has been being discussed alot amongst Tea Party leaders recently. It's a quickly evolving dynamic, and hard to put a finger on. Initially, it was a movement organized by Stephen Learner of SEIU, and other similar organizations, fashioned after the recent European protests and borrowing a name from the 1960's protests. Many youth were bamboozled into thinking it was a rant against unfair government practices, and painted businesses as greedy evil consumers of American labor. The early participants were naive, innocent, youth who were feeling disenfranchised. That quickly led to more youth who feel entitled and are angry because they can't have the iPod they want, to join in and rail against the greedy corporations whom they were convinced by Learner were stealing their money (that they never had to begin with, since everything they had was provided by Mom and Dad). This was quickly co-opted by all the unions out there who are trying to amass more members and gather dues by convincing lower economic classes that the unions are going to save them from the evil greedy corporations.
Initially, I thought the movement would burn its self out after the participants got tired of sleeping on the ground. Then I had a change of heart, and had heated debates with many leaders in the Tea Party that we should, as Tea Party leaders, engage these youth, give them an example to follow, and a little education. But now, with the media now painting them in a sympathetic light, and promoting this as the "Anti-Tea-Party" movement...I'm inclined to go with my first instinct, and let them be. They will either explode or fade away. Either way, I think it's toxic to our Tea Party movement, which advocates rule of law and personal responsibility, among other things. The OWS protestors are blatantly and deliberately breaking many laws, and many of our elected officials are not only ALLOWING this, but ADVOCATING it. Since Obama came out in support of them, and after I saw the unions bussing people to Downtown Las Vegas to help organize these poor disenfranchised seekers of iPods, I decided it's best we don't get involved. The hypocricy of a group who becries the evils of corporations while demanding these coroporations give them what they want, is incredulous.  The statistics they keep espousing are seemingly invented.  I have as of yet been unable to substantiate any of the statistical claims they make.  The one fact they seem to keep avoiding is that the corporations they are railing against are the ones propping up America, and providing them the life they desire.  OWS is bashing the so-called 1% for having all the wealth, but have yet to avow the obvious...that the 1% wouldn't have gotten wealthy if the rest of us weren't VOLUNTARILY consuming the goods and services provided, and the 99% wouldn't have incomes at all if the corporations didn't exist.

The Tea Party is very visible now, our word is being passed along loud and clear...if OWS protestors want to fight corrupt government on our side, they know where to find us. That's not to say that if I had a chance opportunity to engage one of these kids on a one-on-one personal basis, I'd pass it up. I'm just not interested in seeking them out. We have our battle, it's a noble one. We will not wallow in the gutter.
Karen Steelmon, President LVTP
The following is an article that inlcudes a list of KNOWN supporters of OCW. Copied with permission. The original list and author can be found on


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The 99%: Official list of Occupy Wall Street’s supporters, sponsors and sympathizers

October 31, 2011 - 10:48 am - by Zombie

The Occupy Wall Street movement has received so much media coverage in recent weeks that it’s nearly impossible to keep abreast of all the developments. So many endorsements and criticisms coming from all directions enter the news cycle in such rapid succession that even the most dedicated news junkies may have missed out on many of the pronouncements. Supporters and detractors of OWS both might find it useful to have a handy all-inclusive list of who has endorsed or embraced the protest.

To satisfy that demand, we hereby present a list of groups, organizations, individuals and entities that have expressed their support for, sponsorship of, or sympathy for the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Note: All entries on this list are real and verified. Below each entry you will find a series of source links documenting the support for OWS. We have striven in almost all cases to reference either first-hand statements by the groups or individuals themselves, hosted on their own Web sites; or videos of the people in question voicing their support for OWS at various Occupations; or news reports from reliable mainstream networks; or articles by publications or organizations sympathetic to the Occupy movement; or indisputable evidence, whatever the source. As a result, it cannot be claimed that these statements of support were made up or distorted by detractors of the Occupy movement.

As each new controversial endorsement has appeared over the last month, OWS supporters have dismissed them one by one as “isolated examples” that don’t reflect any overall trend toward extremism. But when viewed in aggregate like this, it becomes much more difficult to dismiss any individual endorsement as an aberration; instead, an undeniable pattern emerges.

This list is obviously incomplete; we hope to update it over the upcoming days and weeks.

If you think we’ve left out any well-known endorsers for which there is solid evidence, then please post suggestions and evidentiary links in the comments section; but please try to supply links that will stand up to any potential claims of misrepresentation.

If you disagree with the inclusion of any of the entries on this list, please post your reasoning and any contravening source links in the comments section, and we will take the evidence into account when updating the list.

Members of the media, bloggers, activists, OWS supporters and detractors as well are all free to repost this list, in whole or in part, without any restrictions. Do note, however, that it may be updated over time, so make sure to get the latest version.

Outlined below are portions of comments and articles made by other Tea Party members, and members of other Patriotic groups around the country, in regards to Occupy Wall Street.  Names have not been used to protect identities of patriots who might be subject to the violence of OWS and unions.  WARNING....This is NOT pollitically correct.

 Yeah, that's a scumbag wall street protester SHITTING on the AMERICAN FLAG

Most Americans are not politically aware.

While they can name all 5 finalists on American Idol, they cannot name their Congressman.

It’s nice they have priorities. And it explains how we have the morons we have governing us in Washington presently. The Tea Party movement came out of nowhere to stand up and speak out against out-of-control government spending. While the Tea Party has been vilified by liberals and the Democrat party, it has continued to grow in strength.

Leftists have used everything from Alinsky tactics to lying to name calling to the total use of the mainstream media to destroy the Tea Party. But they underestimated the patriotism of the producers in America who support the Constitution and believe in capitalism.

Many of the American Idol experts have sat idly by listening to Chris Matthews and Katie Couric disparage the Tea Party movement. They had nothing to compare the movement to. All of that changed when the Occupy Wall Street circus came to New York and spread quickly across the country.

Like an infection. Small bands of idiots with stupid signs printed by unions spouting lunacy have littered and shat across the formerly pristine parks they now infest in dozens of American cities.

What a stark difference from the Tea Party movement.

Patriots holding American flags have orderly events with poignant messages about liberty and freedom and then leave in an orderly fashion.

Contrast that with the Occupy Wall Street miscreants!

Arrests, rapes, flag burnings, pro-communist chanting, garbage, incessant drumming, filth, profanity and lots and lots of losers who still don’t really know why they’re there!

Americans now clearly have a choice of what political ideology they want to support. On the one side, they can support hard working, law-abiding, patriots who pay this nation’s bills or they can support the moochers who don’t bathe while calling for killing the rich…whoever they are…and socialism!

What does this say that the Democrat Party supports this group of leftist wasteoids while lying about tax paying, productive Americans in the Tea Party? It says the Democrat party must go away until it can return to the political scene as a serious, pro-American party instead of a party more aligned with America ’s enemies!

Thank you George Soros and labor unions! You have exposed the idiocy of socialism once again and the stupidity of the people who call for it. Stalin used to call these people “useful idiots.” Angry White Dude calls them “useless idiots!” And the best thing that ever happened to the Tea Party movement and America ! Look hard, America at what your liberal schools and government has created! And bring a bar of soap and a hose!