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April Minjares Reports


LVTP was represented at the Bundy protest on April 12, 2014, by our own April Minjares, who also organizes for, which is dedicated to "Impeach Obama" rallies. Here is her report, in her own words.

We arrived at the Bundy Ranch at 8 AM. There was approximately 100-150 people gathered there in a main area off Highway 170 in Bunkerville, NV. People were immediately welcomed by anyone and everyone who was there and was made to feel like family. During the wait, people continued to arrive. As we people rallied with our fellow patriots for about an ...hour we learned that the Bundys were going to speak as well as Sheriff Doug Gillespie, who was supposed to arrive at nine.

While rallying, a fellow patriot told us that her husband, who was also on his way from Las Vegas, saw a SWAT vehicle in en route. We observed two LVMPD vehicles drive by us as well as NHP. Their presence was non-threatening.

Ammon Bundy, one of Cliven’s sons, spoke first. Then Uncle Steve Bundy spoke. Finally Cliven Bundy spoke. All described their experiences with the BLM’s aggression and assaults and the resulting loss in their God given rights. It ended with inspiration of us as Americans uniting our strengths of morals, values, freedoms, and our Creator.

When Cliven Bundy spoke, he told us that Gillespie called and asked to speak with him privately. Cliven told Gillespie that if he wanted to speak to him, he can speak to him in front of the people.

When Gillespie arrived and spoke, he indicated that he believed a press release had been issued stating that the BLM was going to cease operations and remove their assets. Of course we were elated. He also stated that the Gold Butte allotment was to be reopened to the public. Nevertheless, we questioned the authenticity of that report as we asked about the release of the cattle as well as the reopening of the air space. No response was given.

Cliven reciprocated by stating that We the People also had demands. These included telling Gillespie to use his authority to disarm the park service and the BLM and to bring the firearms to the rallying site within one hour. Cliven also instructed the media to do their job and report Gillespie’s progress.

An hour came and went. There were no firearms and there were no reports from the media. The decision was made to no longer negotiate with our Constitutional rights and to take back stolen property.

Everyone then drove or rode horses to the I-15 at the overpass where the BLM was holding the cattle. We walked down into the wash where we were met with the BLM hiding behind their vehicle doors with their rifles pointed at us. We were repeatedly ordered over loud speaker to vacate and that we were in violation of a court order or face possible gun fire and or arrest.

As we peacefully inched our way towards the gate, media was able to approach the BLM at the gate and BLM sent someone to negotiate with the Bundys privately. The Bundys stated that any negotiations would happen in front of the people.

After we stood our ground and waited, we were told that the BLM was packing up and leaving. It took an extraordinary amount of time as they insisted that LVMPD provide armed escort for fear of being fired upon. After the BLM’s final departure, LVMPD helped facilitate the release of the cattle.

Like a scene from a Fred Gipson novel, we watched in delight as the cattle were horse-driven back to their familiar home of the Virgin Valley.