Freedom ~ Las Vegas Tea Party

About Us

The idea for the Las Vegas Tea Party began at the first Tax Day Tea Party in front of the US Post Office on Sunset Road in 2009. It finally came to fruition at another Tax Day Tea Party in the same location, May 18, 2011. After 2 years of waiting for someone else to do something, apparently it was waiting for us to do something. So here we are!

Las Vegas Tea Party has the same goals as all the other Tea Parties. We are not a political party. We are non-partisan; our goal is to keep America free, and based firmly on Constitutional principles. Freedom. Justice. Equality. Liberty. Responsibility. Duty. Sovereignty. Accountability. Integrity. Honor. If you are willing to defend the principles of freedom, no other label matters.

Las Vegas Tea Party does not endorse or directly support any political candidate, political party, or seated representative. We only endorse Constitutional policy. Every representative and candidate is accountable to "We the People", and the Constitution of the United States of America, at all times.



The LVTP mission is to pursue and accommodate direct communication and involvement between members of Tea Parties and affiliated groups. Our goal is to educate, informed, unite, and involve. LVTP will serve as a bridge of information between, and a spotlight for, Tea Parties, affliated organizations, and their members. We also vow to be a watchdog of our political system, and those who serve us within it.

We operate under the Founding Fathers' concept that every individual is sovereign, and responsible for their own actions. No person has the power to govern another without the governed persons consent. No politician has the right to take what one American has earned, and allocate it to anyone else, for any reason. Every American has equal opportunity, but the results of that opportunity is a direct consequence of each individuals own actions. We will remind our servants what the differences is between a "right" and a "privilege".

We will share all our information on all subjects political; candidates, bills, petitions, national and local events. We will attend political meetings, conduct petition drives, help educate others, organize rallies on key dates, track politicians and current legislation, and encourage others to do the same. We will operate within the established system to further better our country, and improve the system.

The politicians who occupy positions in our government are our servants. When they fail to maintain our rights, it is our duty to remove them. If we become complacent, we have only ourselves to blame.